Write a letter to your friend describing him her about your visit to

Write a letter to a friend describing your visit to a city you had never seen before. I received your letter a week ago. I am sorry, I could not write to you earlier as I was but of station. During the winter break, I had a chance to visit Kolkata along with my uncle. I hope, my description of the visit of that great city will be a source of pleasure for you.

It was my first visit to Kolkata. We stayed there with a friend of my father. He was a kind host. He took me round some important places of the city.

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Kolkata is a very big place. The streets of Kolkata are full, of the crowds of people. There is such great rush-of traffic that at first I felt quite confused. Kolkata is a city of fine streets. I liked the Chawranghee most of all. On one side it is lined by tall buildings and on the other by the maidan. The maidan is a great open park where large numbers of people assemble to spend their sweet evenings. In Kolkata there are many places worth-seeing. It is really a fine city in India.

I am sure, my description of the city will tempt you to visit Calcutta very soon.

Sample Application Letter to the Railway Authority.Your friend wants to visit your town. In your letter include - What is a good time for a visit? How are you? Hope you are doing well. It has been almost a year since we met, apparently last time we met in a Christmas party organized by our common friend Christy.

While reading your letter, I came to know that you are interested to visit my town and you have couple of questions in your mind that you need my help.

Firstly, as currently it is winter here in my town, I will not suggest you to visit in this month. Best time to visit is in the month of February as it would be end of winter and start of summer, so definitely weather is pleasant most of the time in a day. Best time to visit is in the month of February as it would be end of winter and start of summer, The best time to visit is in the month of February as it would be the end of winter and the start of summer.

I am really looking forward to meet you soon. I am really looking forward to meeting you soon. Sentence Length: Your friend wants to visit your town Write a letter to him her giving some information about the town In your letter include What is a good time for a visit Describe some interesting places to visit What accommodation is better for his her stay Essay topics:.

Dear Amar, How are you? Subscribe as testbig VIP readers and get unlimited access to essays on the top list. Add to cart. Average: 7. Essay Categories. More about this topic Essays by the user: Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. Others say that advertisement tell us about new products that may improve our lives. Which you agree? Write a letter and say- Give the course and your personal details.

Write a letter to your friend who lives there and say- When are you going? Write an essay by this topic.

Full essay evaluations Best time to visit is in the month of February as it would be end of winter and start of summer, The best time to visit is in the month of February as it would be the end of winter and the start of summer, so definitely weather is pleasant most of the time in a day. First and foremost is Disney Land, First and foremost, it is Disney Land, service apartment provide you the service apartment provides you I am really looking forward to meet you soon.

Read full essay.Students who are looking for informal letters for the examination of 9th class, class 11 and B.

write a letter to your friend describing him her about your visit to

A are at the right place. Here you can find important and unique letters with different and unique vocabulary and sentences. In this letter you will learn how to write a thank you note. There are some more English Letters here. I am in good Spill-ls and I have reached home safe and sound. I am still remembering the pleasant memories of my stay at your place and shall cherish your love and kindness for a long time to come.

I reached home last Sunday. My parents were very pleased to see me back after a month. My journey back was very pleasant, comfortable and safe. Your company, the affection of your parents and the care of your members of family and friends were really wonderful. As I have already stated.

I would never forget your hospitality for a long time. It is my duty to thank you and your parents for the nice time I spent with you. Your parents treated me with love and kindness. I really enjoyed my stay with you. No doubt, it was a month full of excitement and happiness. During my stay, we talked, laughed so much and took so many long walks that it all appears to be a beautiful dream now.

I shall never forget the enjoyment I had in your company in Quetta. There was no boredom and dullness.

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There was enjoyment and entertainment everywhere. I shall never forget the taste of mutton karahi and green tea that your mother stuffed us with. Convey my thanks to aunt and uncle because their kindness and love really made me feel at home. Your email address will not be published.

A and B. A — Thank You Note Sample Students who are looking for informal letters for the examination of 9th class, class 11 and B. Click To Comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Recent Comments Tags. Adnan: Spelling mistake In short science is a great blessing of God to mankind but ther Aayush Sood: You just expanded 1 story thrice Ayesha: if u writes the quotes of Pakistan scholars it will be more best … Breathless: beat letter i have ever seen Like Us.Write a letter to your friend about your visit to a zoo.

How are you? I hope you are well. Today I have taken pen and paper to write you about an interesting event.

Write a Letter to a Friend Describing Your Visit to a City

Few days back I had paid a visit to the National Zoo. I, my parents and my uncle-aunt went to visit the National Zoo at Mirpur, Dhaka. After buying entrance ticket, we entered the zoo. At first we saw the cages of monkeys. They were playing with the visitors. Gradually we saw many animals. There are tiger, elephant, peacock, lion, snakes, leopard, giraffe and many more animals. I also saw the Royal Bengal Tiger which is famous all over the world. I got a rare chance to ride an elephant in the zoo.

Then we took our food that was brought by aunty. We spent the whole day in the zoo. Then we returned home in the evening. The day will always remain fresh in my memory. Most Read. Write a letter to your friend describing a historical place you have visited. Write a letter to your friend about your favourite hobby.

Write a letter to your friend about your favourite sport. Write a letter to a friend describing the good book you have read recently. S: Dhubil District: Sirajganj.You should write at least words. You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Dear Anila, Hope you are doing great and can write back to me about the things you have been doing these days. I would love to have you among us in India and this coming Republic Day is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a public holiday together. You can fly to India from Kuwait on 24th January and stay with us for a week or so. Last time you wrote to me that you have available paid vacations that you are planning to take.

I think you should take it now and visit us.

write a letter to your friend describing him her about your visit to

Republic Day, in India, honours the date on which the "Constitution of India" came into effect on 26 January replacing the Government of India Act as the governing document of India. On that day, we, as a nation, formally adopted the Constitution as the guiding document and became an independent republic! The main Republic Day celebration is held in the national capital, New Delhi, and this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the national parade and show our respect.

I also have several other plans for us.

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I will take you to my cousin's graduation day, which is on 29th January. On the 31st night, we will have a party where I will invite our common friends and welcome the new year. I am eagerly waiting to hear that you would be able to make it. With love and warm wishes, Diya. Dear Terry, Hope you are enjoying yourself keeping busy with your work just as you always like to do. But, this event is going to be even more special this time since we are going to celebrate the golden jubilee of our independence.

Anyway, to give you little idea about how we celebrate our independence day, there will be huge and colourful parades at one of the largest stadiums of our capital city, where I currently live, which will also be attended by many dignitaries from around the world. At the event, you will also get to enjoy the air show where some daring aerobatics demonstrations of our military aircraft will be in display. Then, at night, I also have a plan to take you out to enjoy some of the most beautiful and mesmerising fireworks, you would ever get to see, followed by a special cultural show and dinner at our town hall.

So, I am hoping to meet you soon. Warm wishes, Zayed Bakht. Essay Vocabulary Topics Related Vocabulary. I consent to this website collecting my details through this form. Preview Send Reset Cancel. Ritu 1 year. Reply Quote. Get Social.Great post. Feel free to comment. Your letter had been waiting for me in our letter-box as I was away from home for a week. You know, I had a long cherished desire to visit Darjeeling, a place of natural beauty. So my joy knew no bounds when my parents agreed to take me there.

We reached Darjeeling by Toy Train and lodged in a hotel for a week. From the first day we started going out for sight-seeing. I was greatly charmed by the scenic beauty of the mountain forests, tea-gardens and the sky-kissing peak of the snow-covered Kanchanjungha.

write a letter to your friend describing him her about your visit to

We visited the attractive spots like the zoo, the Victoria Falls, the Lebong race-course, the highest race- cource in the world. We also saw the ropeway from the North Point to the Rangit Valley. One dawn, we visited the Tiger Hill from where we had a wonderful view of the sunrise.

It was a rare experience to us. The Mall was another attractive spot where we walked about in the afternoon. I can never forget the charming beauty of Darjeeling. No more today. Please accept my sincere love and convey my best regards to your parents. Unknown Thursday, April 25, pm. Unknown Wednesday, January 22, pm. Unknown Sunday, February 16, am. Unknown Friday, March 06, pm. Unknown Tuesday, September 01, pm. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.This page is for scattered predictions I make in the course of blogging about other stuff.

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Relationship Hero to the rescue.

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